Mystic Women’s Majestic Diva BK Kiteboarding Waist Harness

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I have the men’s version of the Mystic Majestic kiteboarding waist harness and it’s a great harness, super comfortable with plenty of padding and lower back support. The Mystic Women’s Majestic Diva BK kiteboarding waist harness was custom designed by super shredder Bruna Kajiya. This world champion kiteboarder hails from Sao Paulo, Brazil and tears it up on the water (and even once ripped it on a commercial salt island/terminal 13km off the coast of northeastern Brazil!).

Designed for a woman’s shape (each side has a higher cut out to follow the contours of a woman’s body) the Majestic Diva BK kiteboarding waist harness has a soft feel with plenty of back support and soft, neoprene edges for extra comfort. The backplate padding is crafted out of Mystic’s 3D-Thermo moulded foam and is designed for a snug, comfortable fit. The harness is held around your waist with the very-cool sounding “Battle belt waist closure” (basically a big piece of velcro).

The harness features a Clickerbar system that makes it easy to lock in and pop open the harness. Mystic’s Low Torque Fixation, built into the side of the spreader bar, prevents the spreader bar from moving upward. It also comes with a small, built-in safety knife in case you have to cut some lines. Here’s a sizing guide for women’s kiteboarding harnesses:

Waist size in inches – XS = 24-26, S=26-28, M=28-30 and L=30-32

Waist size in centimeters – XS=61-66, S=66-71, M=71-76 and L=76-81