Cabrinha Rival 145cm Kiteboard

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The Cabrinha Rival 145cm Kiteboard is an excellent, high-performance board for beginners. Its 145cm size and wider form make it easier to get up and riding and stay upwind. It has a flatter bottom and less rocker (see more on this in Boards) which make it easier to get on plane. The design also helps you to plane with less kite power and use in lighter wind (but it’s also great for moderate to stronger wind).

The board is crafted out of a Paulownia wood core, ABS plastic sidewalls, fiberglass top and bottom. It also features a softer flex pattern and with its flat bottom you get a comfortable board that’s easy to ride in a variety of different conditions. This fast, smooth and aggressive board is perfect for beginners or anyone looking for a 145cm.

The foot straps are not included (it’s board and fins only) but it’s still a good deal at $349.95. For more info, including ordering, click here: Cabrinha Rival 145cm Kiteboard.