Best 12M TS V4 2015 Kiteboarding Kite

Best TS_2

I’m amazed by the durability of the Best TS V4 kiteboarding kite. I have the 9M and 12M and crashed my 9M (I screwed up a self-landing big time) into this dense thicket and the kite came out unscathed. The bladder and struts were fine and the canopy didn’t tear.

IMG_6184 1

The TS is awesome and besides its durability it’s easy to handle and jump with. And while I’ve crashed it plenty of times (on the water fortunately!) it’s also easy to relaunch. It’s a high-performance kite and certainly beginner-friendly too.

For 2015 Best moved some of the Dacron around and put it closer to the wing tips so if you slack the lines you’ll get better drift, making it easier to recover the kite once the lines are tense again. And its five struts provide a little more rigidity in the kite’s structure.

There’s also new reinforcing material along the trailing edge and wing tips to make them lighter, durable and more responsive, an adjusted aerodynamic profile for better canopy tension and a new spar was added to the trailing edge to reduce canopy vibration. For added safety measures the kite has shorter micro-bridles and an improved bridle deflector at the wingtips to help keep lines free when launching.

I’ve crashed this kite (and my other Best kiteboarding kite) in the ocean a few times and it got rolled pretty good in the waves. Thanks to its toughness and reinforcements the kites were fine every time. For more info, including pricing, click here: Best TS V4 12M 2015 kiteboarding kite.

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