Best 12M TS V4 2015 Kiteboarding Kite

Best TS_2

I’m amazed by the durability of the Best TS V4 kiteboarding kite. I have the 9M and 12M and crashed my 9M (I screwed up a self-landing big time) into this dense thicket and the kite came out unscathed. The bladder and struts were fine and the canopy didn’t tear. The TS is awesome and […]

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Cabrinha Rival 145cm Kiteboard

Cbrn Brd copy

The Cabrinha Rival 145cm Kiteboard is an excellent, high-performance board for beginners. Its 145cm size and wider form make it easier to get up and riding and stay upwind. It has a flatter bottom and less rocker (see more on this in Boards) which make it easier to get on plane. The design also helps […]

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Cabrinha Switchblade 2016 Kiteboarding Kite


I’ve demoed the Cabrinha Switchblade kite boarding kite a few times (and had the pleasure of riding one at beautiful Lake Arenal, Costa Rica!) and it’s sweet: very responsive, stable, turns fast and easily depowers. This hybrid (see more on kite shapes in Kites) also has an excellent wind range. The kite has five struts […]

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Mystic Women’s Majestic Diva BK Kiteboarding Waist Harness

DivaHrnss copy

I have the men’s version of the Mystic Majestic kiteboarding waist harness and it’s a great harness, super comfortable with plenty of padding and lower back support. The Mystic Women’s Majestic Diva BK kiteboarding waist harness was custom designed by super shredder Bruna Kajiya. This world champion kiteboarder hails from Sao Paulo, Brazil and tears […]

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