You’ve got a few options when it comes to harnesses: waist, seat, impact vest and boardshort. Comfort is crucial here since you’ll be wearing it a lot. Try some on at a shop and see how they feel. And if a shop or vendor is having a demo day go to it and use the harness to see how it feels and performs.

They all provide plenty of lower back support but if you do have lower back problems look for one with a lot of padding. And if your back still hurts after using a waist harness you might want to try a seat harness.

Waist Harness

A waist harness is like a giant velcro belt that wraps around your waist. It has plenty of lower back support, tightening straps, leash attachment, a spreader bar and hook (for your bar’s chicken loop and donkey stick).

The front view of a waist harness (top) and rear view

wst_hrnss_2 copy

Seat Harness

The seat harness is similar to a waist harness but has additional straps that go around your legs. These leg straps help to hold the harness in place and provide a little more support by taking some of the pressure off your lower back. But if you make the switch from a waist harness to a seat harness the kite pull will feel a little different and it may take a few sessions to get used to it.

A seat harness


Impact Vest Harness

An impact vest harness is just that: a harness built into an impact vest. The vest provides padding and protection for your ribs and torso.

An impact vest harness


Boardshorts Harness

If you’re looking for some style go with one of these.

Boardshorts harness


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