Best 12M TS V4 2015 Kiteboarding Kite

Best TS_2

I’m amazed by the durability of the Best TS V4 kiteboarding kite. I have the 9M and 12M and crashed my 9M (I screwed up a self-landing big time) into this dense thicket and the kite came out unscathed. The bladder and struts were fine and the canopy didn’t tear. The TS is awesome and […]

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Cabrinha Rival 145cm Kiteboard

Cbrn Brd copy

The Cabrinha Rival 145cm Kiteboard is an excellent, high-performance board for beginners. Its 145cm size and wider form make it easier to get up and riding and stay upwind. It has a flatter bottom and less rocker (see more on this in Boards) which make it easier to get on plane. The design also helps […]

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Cabrinha Switchblade 2016 Kiteboarding Kite


I’ve demoed the Cabrinha Switchblade kite boarding kite a few times (and had the pleasure of riding one at beautiful Lake Arenal, Costa Rica!) and it’s sweet: very responsive, stable, turns fast and easily depowers. This hybrid (see more on kite shapes in Kites) also has an excellent wind range. The kite has five struts […]

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